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Committee Members

Ruth Leonard- Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, Conference Chairperson

Jennifer Castaneto- Northwest Resources II, Inc

Angela Clark- Department of Corrections

Diana Cockrell- Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

Stacey Devenney- Kitsap Mental Health Services

Natalie Fryar- Evergreen Manor-Seattle

Mark Kreilkamp- Department of Social and Health Services, Eastern State Hospital

Amy Martin- Thurston County RSN

Gene McConnachie- Development Disabilities Administration

Sarah Pine- Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

Andrea Ray- Comprehensive Healthcare

Monica Reeves- Division of Developmental Disabilities

Rick Ries- University of Washington

Pamala Sacks-Lawlar- Juvenile Justice Rehabilitation Administration

Jacob Towle- Juvenile Justice Rehabilitation Administration

Melinda Trujillo- Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

Tiffany Villines- Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery

Jennifer Wyatt- Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center

About the Conference

With each conference we continue to strive to bring together experts from Washington and across the nation to share information about innovative therapeutic techniques, skills, programs, practices and policies that offer a relevant and enjoyable learning experience.

Our goal is to promote integration of services across the public mental health, substance use disorder, developmental disabilities, and medical systems; promote knowledge about co-occurring disorders and the value of integration, to support the development of a co-occurring capable system of care, and to advocate and partner with others to promote integrated treatment and recovery for all people. Finally, we strive to present each participant with current information that will bring value back to the agency and the patients they serve, and to provide a great opportunity to network with friends and colleagues.